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Welcome to the second episode of the 3Q Digital Download Podcast! Join our host, Joseph Kerschbaum, and our guest, Elizabeth Marsten, to get tips on taking your PPC game to the next level! This is perfect for both in-house or agency folks!

Here are Elizabeth’s key takeaways.

1. Google-able Content: Writing, blog, etc. Ability to explain and train.

2. Providing solutions: Task or issue that you resolved. Showing initiative.

3. Show “how,” not just “what” happened: Explain your successes. Creative a narrative around success.

4. New skills: Learn something that isn’t directly associated with your job. Applicable skills. CRO, Java, conversion funnel, LTV.

5. Have a passion or interest area: What is your super passion? Show more initiative.

Enjoy the episode, and we’ll see you again in two weeks!

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