Since 2017, WebKit, the browser engine that powers Apple’s Safari browser, has been diligently earning the enmity of digital marketers via the employment of a technology called Intelligent Tracking Prevention. An attempt to prevent cross-site tracking, Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) has grown from a vague cause for concern to an existential threat for firms that track user movements throughout the web.

In February of 2019, WebKit announced that all subsequent versions of Mac operating systems would ship with an updated version of ITP — ITP 2.1. This update significantly tightens ITP’s tracking restrictions and changes the playing field for anyone who works in marketing or analytics. Digging into the history of ITP can help us understand this latest iteration of the technology, and how to counteract its effects.

In this whitepaper, Data Technology Analyst Shane Danaher helps marketers and analytics experts understand the history and effects of ITP – including what’s at stake with ITP 2.1 and how marketers need to adjust. Simply fill out the download form to get your copy.