Private VC Event with 3Q Digital at Google San Francisco

Why do some start-ups explode and some fade away? Silicon Valley's digital agency of record explains in a private event at Google San Francisco on Feb. 28.

When can three hours make you millions of dollars? When 3Q Digital and Google host you as part of an exclusive focus group of VCs to explain two things: what makes a start-up viable; and what digital tools they can and should use to recognize their potential.

On Feb. 28, from 4-7 pm at Google’s San Francisco office, join 3Q Digital CEO David Rodnitzky and select Google experts to hear how 3Q has grown some of the Bay Area’s biggest companies (Eventbrite, GoPro, SurveyMonkey, Square, and more) from seed money to household brand – and what those companies had in common at the beginning. You’ll also learn why we’ve turned down partnerships with so many start-ups seeking digital marketing over the years, and you’ll get a first-hand look at Google’s most current suite of digital growth tools.

The event is intimate (and so exclusive we’re holding it in a secret room). If you’d like to claim your spot, please fill out the download form ASAP.

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