New Harvest Lunch & Learn at 3Q San Francisco

The world's current animal-protein diet is unsustainable. In our free Feb. 8 Lunch & Learn at 75 Federal St. in San Francisco, you can learn from pioneering non-profit New Harvest about technologies that are changing the way we eat - and the way the world benefits.

Imagine a future where a perfectly marbled filet mignon is raised in a test tube, or where you can buy genuine leather boots without harming a single animal. New Harvest is a non-profit that is trying to figure out how to use cutting-edge technology to raise meat and leather in a laboratory (and save the Earth in the process). Join us for a Lunch & Learn (note: no test-tube meat will be served!) to hear from the founder of this organization about the latest technology to bring animal-free meat to your table! Note: no donations will be accepted at the event; it’s simply to raise awareness.

A number of studies bear out the benefits of cellular agriculture: it’s more efficient, safer, and affordable than the livestock supply chain. But because cellular agriculture lies between medical science and food science, it’s facing a steep uphill funding climb that’s measurably slowed its progress.

3Q Digital is inviting team members and clients to our San Francisco office at 75 Federal St. on Feb. 8, from noon-1:15 p.m., for free lunch and a chance to learn from New Harvest Developmental Director Bio Gilonne. Seats are first-come, first-serve for clients and 3Qers; you can sign up using the registration form on the right. If you’re neither a client nor a 3Q employee, please email Kristen Mingus at to ask about availability. Again, no donations will be accepted at the event.

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