Mobile devices now account for 60% of total digital media time spent, according to comScore, so it’s no wonder that mobile search is taking over too. Yahoo’s recent study, “The Point of Influence: Understanding Mobile Shopping Search Habits,” offers a wealth of actionable insights that can help search marketers connect with this rapidly growing audience, such as:

-Mobile search is a daily habit: 45% of mobile device owners conducted 2+ searches per day

-Mobile search is an integral part of shopping: 56% said mobile search has introduced them to new brands

-Mobile searchers are motivated to buy—and buy quickly: 50% of mobile shopping-related queries resulted in a purchase

Check out the infographic below for key insights from this study to help search marketers connect with this key audience. Understanding where the user is, combined with tips and insights, can help you do bigger business on smaller screens.


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David Laird
David Laird is director of search insights for the B2B marketing insights team. He and his team partner with marketers on custom insights projects, measuring the effectiveness of ad campaigns, and applying best practices to create meaningful digital experiences. Laird has worked for Yahoo for more than eight years in various advertising research roles.