March was highlighted by the announcement that Google has finally give marketers the means to finally access their accounts seamlessly: a mobile AdWords app for Android.

Although this app comes with very limited functionality, it gives us the means to easily review pacing performance and make minor account changes.

Often, being logged into AdWords on either device  (Android or IPhone) ended with UI or login breaks (not ideal for the marker on the go).  Hopefully this will be a solution to the constant mobile logins drops.

Even with all its limited functionalities, the app provides a smooth transition between accounts and allows you to make adjustments that take a fraction of the loading/transition time.

The best use of the app is to review performance on the fly and turn on/off aspects of the account.



Key Functionalities

Campaign/Ad Group/Keywords/Ads:

-Can change Budgets and Bids

-Can turn on/off campaigns/Ad Groups/Keywords/Ads

Date Ranges for Analysis






-This Month

-All Time



Analysis – All By the Metric

-Trend Lines

-Click Type (Headline, Sitelink)

-Device (Desktop, Tablet, Head-end Mobile)

-Network (Search Network, Display Network)


These metrics and analyses can be viewed at the Account, Campaign, and Ad Group level.

There are other functionalities, such as notifications and opportunities, that seem built out but are missing any depth, as you can’t take any action.

I don’t believe the app needs to have all the features that the standard UI offers, but here are some of my wish list items:

-Filters for names (campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords)

-Review more than two metrics at a time

-Campaign Settings (other than Enabled/Paused and Setting Budgets)

-Increased Columns options (Missing, Converted Clicks and Conversion Value)

-Changing Ad Text


As mentioned, this app gives marketers a way to finally review account performance at any time without the frustration/delays that mobile AdWords logins always led to in the past.

Any marketer who desires to be omnipresent with their accounts should download this app.

What are some features you’d like to see in the app?


  1. Putri April 17th, 2015

    Hi Joe,
    This is really great news for me, I cant wait to try it soon. I want to see this app, and compare it to PC version.
    Thanks again, Joe.

  2. Chris Mackenzy April 20th, 2015

    One word, “Waow”
    It simply sorted out my hell of tension as now I can track my adwords campaign as and when I need, all the time available on my phone.

    Thanks for great info…

  3. Rob Andolina April 20th, 2015

    Anything is better than using regular Adwords on your phone! Takes forever to load and closes out on you every 5 minutes, can’t stand it

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