We pride ourselves on our transparency as an agency. It’s one of the attributes our clients appreciate most: we’re firm about strategies we think will work for them (and won’t work for them); we don’t bury any unpleasant details.

In that vein, I’ll tell you this: we made a mistake on a display campaign. You can read the details on that linked Better Business Bureau report, but I’ll break it down for you: for one of our clients, we did not fully comply with the BBB’s Transparency Principle, which requires that consumers receive real-time enhanced notice when they are served an interest-based ad.

The short of it is that we thought the requirements were being met by our DSP and our DSP thought the requirements were being met by us. We agree strongly with the principles behind them, and as soon as we learned about the issue we made every effort to resolve it. That’s by no means an excuse, and we’re doubly committed to staying on top of BBB (and other) policies going forward so that this doesn’t happen again.

When we were notified of this, we acted swiftly with the help of our DSP to bring all ads into immediate compliance, including the AdChoices Icon on all interest-based ads delivered through the platform. We also reviewed all other interest-based ads (for all clients, and on all platforms) to make sure they were compliant as well. And we immediately began educating clients on how and why to comply with the principle.

We’ve learned our lesson – a couple of them, in fact. First, you can never be too transparent. Second, it’s part of our commitment to our clients and partners to know the landscape of regulations and to make sure we’re always on the right side of the rules.

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David Rodnitzky
David Rodnitzky is founder and CEO of 3Q Digital (formerly PPC Associates), a position he has held since the Company's inception in 2008. Prior to 3Q Digital, he held senior marketing roles at several Internet companies, including Rentals.com (2000-2001), FindLaw (2001-2004), Adteractive (2004-2006), and Mercantila (2007-2008). David currently serves on advisory boards for several companies, including Marin Software, MediaBoost, Mediacause, and a stealth travel start-up. David is a regular speaker at major digital marketing conferences and has contributed to numerous influential publications, including Venture Capital Journal, CNN Radio, Newsweek, Advertising Age, and NPR's Marketplace. David has a B.A. with honors from the University of Chicago and a J.D. with honors from the University of Iowa. In his spare time, David enjoys salmon fishing, hiking, spending time with his family, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes, not necessarily in that order.