If you’re like me, you face this task frequently: you’ve got a bunch of negative keywords to add to your AdWords account, and you want to apply them across multiple campaigns. It seems like you can only add one at a time, but I ‘ll be going over a nifty trick to add as many campaigns at a time to the keyword list as you’d like!

When adding campaigns to lists, there are no check boxes next to your campaigns – just arrows next to each to send them over into the selected list. Your heart sinks a bit when your boss asks you to add all 200 – I have to do this manually? 

Suddenly, you see that you can add it to multiple campaigns; could this be the time save you were looking for?!

campaign negatives learn more

Sadly, though, this is a tease and just shows you how to add the list to many campaigns at once, not adding many campaigns to one list:

campaign add list

After a little bit of experimenting, I noticed that if I selected the campaign at the top of the list, then scrolled to the bottom and selected the last campaign while holding down the shift key, all the campaigns in between the two shifted over to the ‘Selected campaigns’ list as well! This allows you to select a range in one fell swoop. Even better, you can scroll to the bottom, where there is a link to ‘Load next 100’.

campaign load to 100You can then load all the campaigns you want, 100 at a time, then use the above trick to add all of the account’s campaigns at once.

Happy negging and campaign selecting, and enjoy all of your saved time!

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  1. Nik November 4th, 2015

    Wouldn’t this be even simpler in Editor?

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