Digital Marketing Agency Chicago

Chicago_1Chicago, Illinois, one of the largest cities in the U.S. with a skyline of skyscrapers and famous museums, also houses several digital marketing agencies, such as 3Q Digital. Close to some of the city’s biggest attractions such as the Magnificent Mile and the Willis (Sears) Tower, 3Q Digital is nestled in Chicago’s business district amongst an architectural terrain. 3Q Digital has a team of digital marketing innovators with expertise in marketing, mobile and analytics that is ahead of Chicago’s digital marketing landscape. 3Q Digital’s Chicago office is steps away from Millennium Park and Lake Michigan where nature and and the city life combines for the best of both worlds.

The Best Marketing Industry Practices

Our Chicago office is the second largest within 3Q Digital and still rapidly expanding. 3Q Digital’s several years of experience is enhanced by also developing our mobile, creative and digital strategy practices that optimizes our array of services including paid social, display SEM and SEO. All of our services provide you with performance integral to today’s changing digital marketing landscape to expertly cater and lead you to the right path. Right at the onset, our team of professionals will provide a digital media plan or an efficiently standalone service like SEO to get you ready on you way.

An Innovative Digital Marketing Agency

From social to mobile to analytics, 3Q Digital’s commitment to strategy and innovation keeps us ahead of the curve by providing excellence service across all channels. 3Q Digital strives to keep our clients ahead with Strategic Growth Assessment that is performed by the are Strategic Team to boost client’s growth and channel management. Whether a start-up from the beginning to established corporations, 3Q Digital is fully equipped to produce client success.

Catalyze Your Growth

Starting from humble beginnings as a single shop to expanding into eight agencies across the nation, 3Q Digital has grown with over 180 marketing professionals and is still expanding. Our Chicago office is growing right alongside the company to further enhance client satisfaction and continue to be leaders in the digital marketing world.


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