Take some time to get to know Carlos Ponce, Search Account Manager working out of our Chicago office.

What’s the first metric you check when you start the day?

Spend: how much and where it came from.

What is your favorite advertising campaign?

Got Milk? I still think Ross did come up with it.

What one quality do you think is most important in successful digital marketers today?

Being able to adapt to the changes we see every day in this industry.

What is your favorite thing to brag about at 3Q?

Hands-down, unlimited PTO. I also don’t mind mentioning the clients we work with.

Who is the unsung hero of your team?

Bob Sturges/Dan Hilbert.

If you had to switch offices, which office would you pick and why?

San Diego. Low 50s winter sounds way better than negative temperatures in Chicago.

What has been your favorite perk item/activity?


What is on your bucket list? 

Run a full Marathon.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 

Dog park/run with this guy. 


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Jonathan Svilar
joined 3Q Digital in August of 2013 with a background of sales and marketing in the dynamic live concert industry. Jonathan graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Literature and Philosophy and a passion for technology. In his spare time, Jonathan is an avid motorcyclist, San Francisco Giants fan, and the proud parent of a fuzzy bunny and a dog.