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Work, Life, and Family: How 3Q Helps Employees Find the Balance

Published: November 7, 2019

Author: Joanna Vargas

Striking the perfect balance between a rising career and growing family can be difficult. As our schedules become busier than ever, it’s easy to feel the pressure of trying to “have it all.”
Here at 3Q, we value work-life balance and actively create policy, benefits, and community around helping our team balance the daily demands of work, family, friends, and self.

Here are just a few of the ways 3Q promotes work-life balance for employees with families:

Unlimited PTO

One of the best ways to balance work and family is to take time off and disconnect! Here are some of the recent ways these team members took advantage of our unlimited PTO perk:

  • Joe Kerschbaum, Vice President of Search & Development: My most recent family vacation was to a dude ranch outside of Tucson, Arizona. My wife and daughter (eight years old)) and I spent Spring Break riding horses, mountain biking, enjoying campfires, and taking part in too many other activities to list here.
  • Ashley Burt, Account Lead: Personally, I really use this time to COMPLETELY shut off from work – I didn’t check any work emails/Slack messages and fully spent time with my family (something I think a lot of people don’t do). It was crucial to take a step back and realize how much my daughter was changing every day! It was wonderful to make that my only focus each day of that vacation.
  • Natalie Reardon, HR Manager: My last “vacation” was my maternity leave just recently. I took advantage of our generous PTO policy and used that to get situated to our new reality of life with a baby! My husband and I cherished every day that we were able to make new memories, get into routines at our own pace, and have little family outings and trips throughout to help make it a special time.

Flexible Work-from-Home Policy

By being flexible with in-office time, our team can choose to be present for doctor’s appointments, meals, daycare needs, school drop-offs/pick-ups, and recitals. Here are some of the benefits we enjoy with our flexible WFH policy:

  • Laura Rodnitzky, Chief People Officer: I had about 6 months with no childcare (when waiting for my son to get into preschool) and was able to modify my work schedule two days a week to stay home with him. On those days, I waited until his mid-day nap to start work, took time off to be with him after his nap, and then finished my work in the evenings. My manager never had an issue with it!
  • Chrissy Loehman, Associate Creative Director, Copy: I opt to do school pick-ups in the afternoon so I have a hard work stop at 5pm. This ensures I get to spend a few precious hours with my kids before bedtime. I try really hard not to respond to emails or Slack during that treasured 5-8pm timeslot. I also do my best to attend all the adorable holiday recitals, Mother’s Day breakfasts, Halloween parades, etc., even when they fall in the middle of the day.
  • Katie Long, Director of Learning & Development: I don’t have to miss out on time with my son (Jack) in the morning and evenings. When I go into the office, I’m gone by 7am and home by 6pm. Working from home allows me to be with him until it’s time to work in the mornings.
  • Joe Kerschbaum, Vice President of Search & Development: I get to walk my daughter to school in the morning and walk her home in the afternoon. It’s the best!

Pro Work-Life Balance Culture

We asked our team to reflect on the single most important thing 3Q can do to promote work life balance, and they had some insightful answers:

  • Joe Kerschbaum, Vice President of Search & Development: Providing a flexible work schedule and environment is the most important thing a company can do. Kids do not adhere to a Google Calendar – or at least, mine don’t! Being flexible is so important for team members with families.
  • Natalie Reardon, HR Manager: To understand and support the fact that an employee can juggle family/kids, life, etc., and still contribute to the success of the company! Being flexible to the needs of employees as long as the work gets done, all meetings are attended, and performance is excellent.

In addition to the huge perks above, 3Q provides a ton of other additional family benefits, like these:

    • Kaiser Thrive Maternity
    • Life Insurance Coverage
    • 529 College Savings Plan
    • Anthem Future Moms Program
    • Tax Advantaged Spending Accounts
    • Nursing Mothers Rights + Breast Pump provisionsAnd even if you’re not a parent, 3Q has a variety of perks to meet the needs of all employees, including these:
    • 3Q You (professional development)
    • Fitness + Cell phone reimbursement
    • Student loan subsidy benefit
    • Snacks, lunches, drinks, coffee
    • Perks events
    • Volunteer opportunities

We believe that when our employees feel a greater sense of ownership in their lives, they’re happier and, in turn, more productive and motivated. Check out our careers page if you’re interested in joining the 3Q family.

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