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Anyone who has done their fair share of Facebook ads knows that they can be enraging, yet also highly rewarding.

 Getting that tiny thumbnail image just right, and making the copy absolutely perfect – all while keeping it under 90 characters – is a science in itself.

 Say you’ve spent all this time and effort just getting people to read and click-through your ad… now what??

It would suck pretty badly if you paid all that money for clicks, but then nothing happened on the other side!

That’s why it’s extremely important to consider your final destination. Should you send people to your tabs inside Facebook? Or send them to a site outside of Facebook? I say INSIDE, and here’s why…


The Convenience Store


You don’t have to be 7-Eleven to be a convenience store – you just have to be where your target market already is.

The best marketing is done when you don’t even realize it. I know ads rarely fit into this category, especially on Facebook, but there’s something we shouldn’t lose sight of here: by keeping people inside Facebook, their experience with your brand is fairly linear to what they were already experiencing. If the person is browsing their News Feed, clicks your post with a link, and is taken to a custom tab/app on your Facebook Page, then it’s not a shock to their system.

The header is still Facebook blue, they can see their notifications up top and what their friends are doing instantaneously via the activity ticker. No worries here – we’re still in Kansas, Toto.


The Trust Factor

Because this day and age is full of internet spamalot and trojan horses, we want to find companies, websites, forums, etc that we can trust.

It’s gotten so bad that we actually almost crave a business that we can trust and will gladly pull out our wallets once we find it.

By keeping people inside Facebook, you are showing that (1) you are adhering to Facebook’s guidelines (versus “internet guidelines”, which are nada); and (2) you are willing to conduct business where it’s convenient for me.

I feel safer because business is happening in a comfortable environment. Secondly, I know that if I have any questions or concerns, I can easily post straight to your Facebook wall, rather than hassling with 1-800 numbers and live chat systems.


The Viral Coefficient

People want to do what everyone else is doing, so which scenario is better for business?

Scenario 1: A man buys a loaf of bread, goes home, and enjoys it.

Scenario 2: A man buys a loaf of bread, tells all his friends to do it too, then goes home and enjoys it.

The answer is obvious, but many business owners don’t realize that you have to incentivize people to do this – and environment is everything.

Regardless of whether you provide some awesome promo, like a discount/rebate for sharing, they will be much more inclined to spread the word about their purchase if they’re still inside Facebook.


But WAIT – what about Mobile?

Currently, Facebook doesn’t show your tabs/apps on mobile devices. This is a problem since more than half of Facebook users are viewing your content via their mobile phones.

The answer? Smart URLs.

I use Heyo to create both custom tabs, and a mobile app. Then, using, I make a URL that directs desktop viewers to my Facebook tab, and mobile viewers to my Mobile App. It’s as simple as that!


Your Turn

When you create Facebook ads, do you send folks to content inside Facebook or outside? Which has worked better for you?