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Who's going to like a divorce lawyer on Facebook?!?

Published: November 5, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Yossi Goldlust, Vice President of Business Development and Product at Zibaba. 
I was recently at a trade show talking to someone who said the exact above quote (“Who’s going to like a divorce lawyer on Facebook?!?”) in response to me asking why his company didn’t buy more advertising on Facebook. His clients are mostly service businesses like lawyers, plumbers, or other kinds of “consultants” whom you call during an “emergency” because you need them once every few years (at most).
Given the transactional, one-time nature of the relationship, he asked me how these kinds of businesses could use Facebook for advertising. Why would they need fans? What kind of interest targeting would get qualified leads? It’s a good question and got me thinking: Is Facebook just not suited for certain kinds of businesses (like divorce lawyers)?
My hunch is that just about any kind of business can advertise effectively on Facebook with a little creative thinking. So I did a little digging and found a great example of a divorce lawyer on Facebook: Kelly Chang.
divorce lawyer on facebook
More than 300 likes suggests the potential of Facebook as an advertising outlet for this business. Just one conversion of a like into a qualified lead (the initial consultation requires  a deposit of $350-500/hour) could more than pay for an advertising campaign to deliver a few hundred fans.
So how can likes turn into leads for a business like Kelly’s?
Likes present an opportunity to promote your business. They offer access to your fans’ newsfeeds. 40% of time spent on Facebook is in newsfeeds, and people are 40 to 150 times more likely to engage with content in newsfeeds (according to Fred Huang, Facebook partner relations). Regularly publishing content into your fans’ newsfeeds builds an association between your business and solving a problem for your fans – like how to handle a divorce. When a fan or someone he or she knows needs to talk to a divorce lawyer, your business comes to mind because of that association and gets a qualified lead.
Looking at Kelly’s fan page, you can see a great example of content for her fans’ newsfeeds – links to her YouTube videos showing her take on celebrity divorces. This kind of content is a fun way to remind people of her expertise. With the Facebook scheduling tool, it’s easy and convenient to produce content in one batch and then time when it publishes.
divorce lawyer video
Summing it up
Advertising on Facebook works for every kind of business – not just big brands or verticals like entertainment, gaming, and fashion. You just have to use the opportunity that likes present for accessing your fans’ newsfeeds and produce content that builds the association between your business and the problem it solves for your customers.
yossi goldlust
– Yossi Goldlust

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