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What’s New in AdWords Editor 11.2.2

Published: December 4, 2015

Author: Nathan Singer

The newest AdWords Editor (11.2.2) has just been released. Unlike any Adobe update, this one actually has new features that will make your life easier. Below are features that will have the biggest impact on your day to day tasks.

Fully recognize Final URLs

Ever since Google introduced Upgraded URLs, they have been playing catch up to update their own systems to recognize them. With this update, AWE has finally caught up. Under Tools -> Settings it used to read “Create New Ad if Destination URL is Different”; now it finally reads “Create New Ad if Final URL is Different” as well as “Create New Sitelink if Final URL is Different.”
This is a definite game-changer. You can now easily upload the same ads and sitelinks, only with different final URLs, and it will no longer update your current ads or sitelinks! (Note: make sure to switch the setting back to the default if you are trying to edit your ads.)

Upload Ad Customizers (Countdown Ads)

The Ad Customizers feature is a great way to customize your ads and tailor them to your needs, especially when it comes to Countdown Ads. Countdown Ads are great for creating a sense of urgency for any limited time offers or sales that your client is having. In the old AWE, it was not possible to upload Countdown Ads because of their formatting. Editor would cancel them from uploading because they exceeded the character limit. Well, no more!
The new Editor recognizes Customized Ads and will allow you to post them. The Customized Ads have to have perfect formatting in order for them to be posted. Here is a great blog post on creating Countdown Ads.

Add Labels in Editor

One of the easiest and best ways to keep your Accounts organized is by using Labels. In the past, the only way to create, edit, or assign Labels was through AdWords. With this update, you can now create and manage all of your labels within Editor, using the Shared Library!
Simply click on “Shared Library” at the bottom left corner, and several options, including Labels, will appear in the tree:
Within Editor if there is anything that you are having trouble finding you can simply click on Data -> Go to… and there will be a large list of all the features you can edit:
AWE 11.2.2 isn’t groundbreaking, but it does a great job of synchronizing Editor’s functionality with some of the newest, most useful features in AdWords.
What are the upgrades you’re still missing? Leave a comment!

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