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As some of you know, I am in the final stretch of preparations for my impending wedding in early June. As such, I haven’t had much time to eat, sleep, or blog. So please excuse the infrequency of postings, and please excuse the non-structured nature of this post in particular.

Here’s a laundry list of interesting observations I’ve had over the last few weeks.

1. Google Trends (available here: OK, this is a decent idea, and what’s more, Google may be able to monetize it at some point (unlike so many other Google releases as of late). This is basically no different than the Yahoo Buzz Index, but since it’s a Google product, it’s getting a lot of press. By the way, the “Project Panama” release of Yahoo’s new Overture user interface will have a similar feature built into it (and that is all I am going to say about the new Overture product, for fear of violating any agreements I once signed).

2. A Blackberry Massage? While looking for a spa in Kauai (for the honeymoon, of course), I came across a place that offers a BlackBerry massage – that’s right, a hand massage for people who use their BlackBerry cell phones too much.

3. Yahoo Click Fraud. Is it me, or has there been a sudden increase in click fraud on Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture)?

4. Ameriquest and University of Phoenix. Now that Ameriquest has closed all its mortgage offices and University of Phoenix has had several quarters of disappointing earnings (and significant layoffs as well), it will be interesting to see how the online lead generation business reacts. At a minimum, I suspect that this will be the beginning of the end for small “mom and pop” affiliate marketers who are trying to make a buck at mortgage or education lead generation. Consolidation here we come!

5. Almost Famous. For those of you who subscribed to the Search Marketing Standard – the first magazine dedicated to SEM – you’ll see that the cover story is written by yours truly. Note that it was a pretty basic article (as requested by the editor of the magazine). Its suppose to appeal to a wide audience, unlike this blog which is focused on search uber-nerds!

6. eCompany 2001. While away for the weekend at my Bachelor Party (yes, the wedding rears its ugly head again), a friend of mine handed me an eCompany magazine from 2001. Talk about a time capsule. In addition to a huge story about the inevitable success of Enron Broadband, there was also a great read on “the Dumbest VCs,” with Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital heading the list (Mr. Moritz later went on the fund such companies as . . . Google). Too bad there wasn’t a story on the dumbest magazines.

7. Larry and I. So it turns out that the Rabbi (for my wedding, of course) happened to go to high school with my Mom in Chicago. This reminded me of another person in my Mom’s high school class – Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle. I wonder whether I could get any blackmail money from Oracle by threatening to post high school pictures on my blog?

8. TagStreet. It may be the first SEM parody blog – check it out at I didn’t write it, but it seems that the author “DrewZPerogineFalcon” is a homage to DavidZHawk, my nom de plume.

OK, that’s it. I’m hoping that once I am married (and settled down) I can write a little more frequently and eloquently. Until then, make sure to keep reading Jay Weintraub and the few other bloggers that actually have something to say!