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I’ve been writing Blogation now for (amazingly) almost two years. In total, I’ve written 167 posts (including this one). Aside from #1 loyal reader Steve (“the Fandango guy” in Portland and #2 loyal reader Jeremy in Chicago, my guess is that most of you have not read each and every article I’ve written since 2005.

To that end, I’ve put together a short list of my favorite posts from 2006 and before. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting and still as relevant today as when I wrote them way back when. In no particular order:

1. Do Keywords Matter Anymore? An exploration of how important the “long tail” really is these days.
2. Google versus eBay. Google doesn’t consider Yahoo it’s primary competitor – it’s actually eBay.
3. Fire Terry Semel! 230 million reasons Yahoo should have gotten rid of Terry Semel years ago.
4. Do SEMs Get Any Respect? Pondering whether a mother should be proud of her son the search engine marketer.
5. Your Conversion Rate Sucks. 2% – great for milk, not so great for your Web site.
6. The Death of Search Engines. Still my favorite post to date!
7. SEMs Obsolete? Pondering whether technology will complete replace humans for SEM.

Hope you enjoy these – I liked them, but I am a bit biased!