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Be My Valentine, Google Analytics: 4 Reasons Facebook Ads Love Multi-Channel Funnels

Published: February 13, 2015

Author: Kristina McLane

What is more cheesy and expected than my Valentine-themed blog post in February? Maybe only a leprechaun pun in March or a spring showers comment in April! However, this is a true story of how my Facebook ads should love Google Analytics – and Multi-Channel Funnels specifically.
Multi-channel funnels is a reporting feature in Google Analytics that gives insights to conversion paths and the interactions between different channels before a conversion occurs. Why are multi-channels funnels important? Sometimes a particular ad or a particular platform seems to be shirking its responsibility to contribute to overall conversion volume. Rather than just assume that Facebook is not contributing to conversion volume, you can check multi-channel funnels to get insights into other areas where Facebook is helping the visitor along the path to converting.
In this post, I’ll cover four reasons Facebook ads love the insights available in this feature.

Reason 1: Assisted Conversions validates Facebook contribution.

In the ‘Assisted Conversions’ tab, Facebook Ads is attributed with 21.21% of my assisted conversions reported in Google Analytics.  It has the highest percentage of assisted conversions after direct visits to the website. Though Facebook only makes up 30% of my total spend for this account across all platforms, it has really high assist metrics for its lower percentage of spend.
In many accounts, Facebook can help with more conversions than those directly attributed in the Facebook reporting tab.  Reviewing assisted conversion metrics will prevent cutting out any top-of-funnel Facebook ads or campaigns that help with the overall account health.

Reason 2: Top Path Lengths Boosts Facebook’s Value In Other Mediums. 

The ‘Top Path Lengths” tab gives a better understanding of the journey that a user takes before converting. In the screenshot below, I have filtered out only the path lengths that include Facebook Ads. This explains how Facebook interacts with users before they actually convert.  
While the most common path is a click on a Facebook ad and a return visit directly to the website, the second most common path is for original visitors from Facebook who will later interact with my display ads on Google, particularly with my Google Remarketing campaign.

Reason 3: Top Path Lengths (Again!) Make Facebook an Integral Part of Account Strategy.

Above, I looked at the top path lengths by source/medium. Another feature of the top path length is to view paths by campaigns. This is where I am given the insight that one of my Facebook campaigns drives conversion volume in my Google Remarketing campaign. 
This type of insight can create an account strategy that highlights this frequent conversion path. Remarketing lists can be created in Google Analytics to solely target these return Facebook visitors. That will allow for tailored ads and landing pages for my Facebook visitors who already convert frequently through remarketing!

Reason 4: Path Position Relative to Conversion Sets Facebook Up for Success.

Path position relative to conversion is important to understanding the most frequent way that Facebook helps with conversions.  In my account below, 71.76% of my Facebook-assisted conversions interact with Facebook first, then come back and convert later.
This type of insight tells me that Facebook is an important driver of new visitors to my website.


Whether or not an account sees great conversion volume directly in Facebook’s interface, multi-channel funnel reports can give value to campaigns that help bring in conversions through other methods. Additionally, it will prevent us from accidently cutting back on campaigns that are actually driving conversions elsewhere!  Facebook Ads has to love multi-channel funnels for all the understanding that it provides and the potential value that it can create for Facebook campaigns.

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