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Utilize FBX for Lead Generation

Published: June 5, 2013

Author: Melissa Polsky

Today’s post is by , Online Advertising Specialist for Veterans United Home Loans.
Since the Facebook Exchange was first released, countless e-commerce sites have benefitted from its capabilities. However, one area that is often overlooked with FBX is lead generation.
FBX allows companies to pursue potential leads on Facebook with highly relevant creative and unique targeting abilities. Below are a few FBX lead generation guidelines that I have found throughout my own experiences.

Build Relevant Retargeting Lists

Step one for lead gen success is building relevant retargeting lists. These lists should include pages that contain content significant to a potential lead. Think about the different pages on your site and the information they contain, and then build lists according to which pages would be most relevant to potential customers.
Let’s look at Igniting Business as an example. This company offers marketing consulting, technology services, and web solutions to small businesses.
homepage retargeting
Let’s pretend that they want to increase their business for SEO consulting and Website Development through Facebook retargeting. In order to best segment their audience, Igniting Business would create separate retargeting lists for their SEO page and for their Website Development page.  This will allow them to run ads with ad creative tailored to each specific segment.

Exclude Irrelevant Retargeting Lists

Remember to also build negative retargeting lists for thank you pages or confirmation pages that follow a lead form. You will need to exclude these from your targeting in order to narrow your audience to users who have not filled out a lead.
You should also consider excluding pages that would be completely irrelevant to a potential customer, such as a careers page. This step is extremely important and helps to ensure that you are targeting a relevant audience.

Customize Your Creative

As mentioned above, after determining which pages would be most beneficial to target, the next step is tailoring your ad creative appropriately.  In order to make your FBX ads effective, you need to design ad creative for each specific segment and use copy/images that the customer may recognize from your site. Also, incorporating the company name or logo will help the customer recall their encounter with your website, priming them to convert.
Looking at Igniting Business again, FBX ad creative for the SEO retargeting segment may look similar to this:
fbx ad

Use Landing Page Continuity

One of the most important steps in any FBX campaign is ensuring that the landing page you are sending users to is complementary to your ad creative. Be sure to remember who you are targeting and give them an appropriate landing page in order to increase conversions.
The key throughout this process should be consistency. You are selling customers an idea; make that idea prominent throughout your contact with them, especially on the landing page.

Practice Creative Testing

The last step is to always be testing ad copy and images. Keep developing different variations of ad creative to determine what users respond best to. Monitoring click-through rates and conversion data will allow you to determine how effective each lead gen ad truly is.
Sample Igniting Business ad creative variations:
fbx ad
ad fbx
I wish you the best of luck in utilizing FBX for your lead gen efforts. The biggest thing to remember is to stay consistent throughout your contact with the potential customer.  Happy ad creating!
melissa schmidt veterans united– Melissa Schmidt is an Online Advertising Specialist for Veterans United Home Loans. She has helped the company implement a social media lead generation strategy, which now makes up 13% of online leads generated for Veterans United. Follow her @melanneschmidt.

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