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I was in Los Angeles last weekend and wanted to catch up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. Problem was, I didn’t have her email (she recently left her job and I only had her email address), nor did I have her phone number (I switched to an iPhone and lost all my old phone numbers). All I had was her mailing address, and I had two days to reach her prior to my trip.

So the obvious solution here would be to send her a two-day priority mail letter. The cost is $4.90 (not bad) but the annoying part is that I’d have to drive down to a post office, then wait in a potentially intolerable line. It just sounded like a lot of effort. Fortunately, I came upon a much simpler, cheaper, easier idea. You see, I’m an Amazon Prime member, which means I can send anything fulfilled by Amazon via two-day delivery for free! So I spent about 15 minutes searching the Amazon site and ended up finding some “doggie gummy snacks” for $1.35 (my friend has a dog). I added in a free gift message – “Hi Jen, I don’t have your phone number and I’m coming to LA this Friday – call me at . . .” and off the package went. $1.35 – sent in two days – from my couch!

Sure enough, that Friday afternoon, Jen called, and we were able to get dinner Saturday night. I saved more than $3 and a lot of time – thanks Amazon!