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Use Facebook Ads to Preserve Readers from a Beloved Former Blog

Published: June 12, 2015

Author: 3Q Digital

I’ve written on social media cutover before, but the process we’re going through now with the merging of our two blogs is a bit different. The first time, we were changing the name of our business, so it was safe to assume that everyone following our then current accounts would continue to want to do so, hence the merging of the two pages on Facebook. In our case, since the blogs were related, but not covering the same sorts of content, we want to make sure the people who come aboard after the merge are enthusiastic about the change. We don’t want to just drag them along.
Time to put on your advertising hat.
Since you’ve got control of both Facebook pages, there are two avenues for advertising. The first is running a page likes ad using the Facebook page you’re trying to move people to.
When you go to select your audience for targeting, make it as broad as possible. When you get to the Connections section, you’ll find that you’re able to select the people who follow either of the pages under your control. In our case, we’ll be targeting fans of FBPPC’s page in order to get them to like 3Q Digital’s Facebook page.
The ad will only be shown if you have enough fans on your page to constitute an audience for Facebook. If the number of people who like your page is too small, Facebook will be unable to show your ad to those fans.
Luckily there’s a second option: the old-fashioned “Boost Post.”
In this case, we posted an update on the FBPPC page that included a link to the 3Q Digital Facebook page. It looks pretty similar to what you’d see from a page like ad. All you have to do is boost the post and select your budget. Boom, there’s your work-around.
Any other ad tips for merging a social account? Let us know in the comments.

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