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Random Observation #1: If I told you I knew of a start-up that literally produced one new company a month, and then turned around and sold that company in 30-45 days for around $1 million, you’d be interested, right? Well what if I told you that these new companies could be built for around $5,000 to $10,000 each, and the startup’s return on each company was around $30,000 before build costs (so about $25K)? This company I’m talking about – it’s called being a realtor in the Bay Area before the housing bubble burst!

Random Observation #2: Isn’t it amazing that we as consumers have extreme cognitive dissonance when it comes to marketing? We see an ad on TV for an incredible piece of electronics and we are wowed by how technically awesome it is. Then we look back at a magazine from a few years ago and see the same advertiser proclaiming the virtues of an older version of the same product and laugh – how quaint that product looks today! And yet, we seem to forget (as we go to the store for the hot new tech gadget) that we’ll be thinking that about ourselves a few years later. All the while, the manufacturers are sucking us in for another ‘upgrade.’

BONUS! Random Observation #3 (only for parents of small children): Why is it that Sir Topenhat continually praises Thomas and his friends as “really useful engines” when it is clear that they are anything but? They are constantly wrecking, fighting, screwing around and otherwise being the exact opposite of good employees. I think some tough love is needed on the Island of Sodor!