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Was the Twitter Santa listening? The other day, we posted our Twitter holiday wishlist, and one of our fondest wishes — conversion tracking — just landed in our stockings!

The ramifications are huge for marketers. Presumably we all had ways to marry the Twitter data to conversion data from another platform, but the disconnect was major. Management was tougher, there was tons of toggling back and forth, there was a reliance on the accuracy of the second platform, and optimization was a lot tougher than it needed to be as a result.

Now? Well, everyone wins. It’ll be a lot easier to show direct-response value of a Twitter campaign, so high-performing marketers may be able to free up more budget dollars. We’ll be able to accomplish a lot more while staying within the Twitter ecosystem, freeing up time for optimization. And clients will get more visibility into the efficacy of the channel.

Now, about that pony we asked for…

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