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We’ve been busy making holiday wishlists at 3Q Digital (here’s our Google wishlist, in case you missed it). And while we’ve very grateful for the massive strides Twitter ads have made this year, including the new retargeting functionality we’re eager to sink our beaks into, we’ve got some pretty firm suggestions for how the platform could help advertisers – and thus its own cause – going forward.

Here goes: 

1. Better reporting functionality – customize export information at account level and campaign level (e.g. promoted tweet copy, devices, target performance etc. rather than having to pull at campaign level only)

2. Keep spend metrics always visible in UI – why is the default view engagement only?

twitter spend metrics

3. Implement 3rd-party integration for back-end conversion data.

4. Allow custom date range view in the UI.

custom date range

5. Bulk create tool for promoted tweets, possibly integrate with new tweet scheduling feature.

6. In-line editing for metrics that are shown in the dashboard (bids, budgets, campaign name).


7. More filtering options in dashboard – e.g. availability to filter out paused campaigns or segment by type.

While we’re in the wishing mood, what would you add to this list?

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