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(Editor’s note: Dan wrote this Friday, while the World Series was up for grabs. Congrats to the Tigers on a hard-fought battle…and, of course, to FBPPC’s hometown Giants. Dynasty, anyone?)

The Detroit Tigers are in the World Series this year, playing the San Francisco Giants.

Since the beginning of the fall classic, the  teams have used Facebook to generate buzz, inform their fans of updates, and grow their overall following on Facebook. Each team has been consistantly posting updates for their fans and utlizing some key Facebook best practices that are worth reviewing. Specifically, they feature three key highlights, which include: using imagery within posts, providing links, and asking for likes. On to the ads!

#1 – Using Imagery Within Posts:

tigers cabrera image

bumgarner facebook ad

Both teams consistantly use images within their Facebook posts. Images  help to draw the eye and make a more compelling post.  Images used include:

Pictures of players:

pablo sandoval

Pictures of fans:

Detroit fans

Game highlights:

panda highlight

Posterized ads for games to come:

World Series facebook ad

#2 – Providing Links Within Posts

By providing links within Facebook posts, each team is able to send traffic to desired landing pages. This tactic is beneficial in two ways: first, it provides fans with additional information and also increases qualified traffic; second, it captures users who click on a link and have expressed a specific interest in the topic – and are more likely to have above-average engagement rates.

Examples of links include:

Promo videos on YouTube:

video highlights link

Game recaps:

game recap link

Video highlights:

video highlights link

Interactive stadium cam:

stadium cam link

Photo albums:

photo album link

Each team has been consistently creative, offering inspiring videos, game highlights, content and analysis, and more. Each link leads users off of Facebook to a desired landing page and an above-average user experience that instills trust in users that future links clicked will be “worth” the time and click.


# 3 – Asking For Likes

Asking for likes is a tactic that we see certain FB pages utilize and others opt not to employ.  In this scenario, only the Giants are asking for likes per the following examples:

giants like ad

another giants like ad

What is interesting to note is that the number of likes on a Facebook post from the Giants yields anywhere from 5,000-70,000 likes; however, the posts that specifically ask for a “like” consistently have more than 50,000 likes per post, with the most convincing post enticing  81,901 likes.

fb likes giants ad

Each team is committed to containing to provide a great experience for their fans. Even though the Tigers have lost both games so far (editor’s note: this post was written after game 2), their page continues to provide game recaps, highlights that should be noted, and encouraging messages to their fans to stay positive! After reviewing both pages, I would suggest that if you are a Tigers or a Giants fan, you should check out your team’s Facebook page for a great fan experience.

– Dan Slagen