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To the top geek go the Warbys!

Published: November 1, 2012

Author: Hillary Read

We’re not in the most stylish sector ever (the bigger they are, the more down they dress). So this Halloween, we figured we’d own it and provide a remedy at the same time with a “Dress Like a Tech Geek” contest — and a gift card from so-hip-it-hurts philanthropic eyewear company Warby Parker in the balance.
The response was…well, if you remember from this blog how the Chicago office blew away the San Mateo office in the Fitbit Challenge, this will look familiar. Here are some of the contestants:

The boss, whose “tech” costume is actually “Undecided Voter” (those are ads and a handwritten question mark on his sweatshirt).

Jaime Sikora
Account manager Jaime Sikora. Bad buttoning, tape on glasses, large PDA…check.

Katie Eschenburg
“Ugly Pretty” advocate Katie Eschenburg, rocking two sweet suspenders and one oversized fanny pack.

Laura Rodnitzky
Director of Change Management Laura Rodnitzky, channeling Tina Fey (more than usual) with her caramel apple, blazer, and chunky footwear.

Honorable mention and a $10 Starbucks card go to…
Carl Paradiso
Carl Paradiso, our IT guy (natch) and space yogi cowboy, who constructed hat and lasso entirely of tinfoil.

At this point, it got tough. Two contestants reeeeaaaallly stood out. The runner-up prize of a $25 Starbucks gift card (a prize we just created because this outfit couldn’t go unrewarded) is:
Kristin Kopp
Account coordinator Kristin Kopp. Tech tee, USB cables as suspenders (!), geeky glasses, PDAs spilling out of her many pockets…

Kristin Kopp
I mean, good Lord.

Drum roll, please! The winner of the Warby Parker gift card (good for a pair of super-stylish prescription glasses!) is…
Account Coordinator Alicia Antoniolli!
Alicia Antoniolli
Please check out the details: head gear. Mismatched socks. An ink stain. Not the best hairdo ever. Men’s pleated pants. A calculator (TI-82, we presume).

Alicia braces
We’re talking HOMEMADE BRACES here, people.

Alicia, congratulations!
It being Q4 and all, we understand that there might be a temptation to re-gift the prize. But really. Go on. You’ve earned it. (I mean, have you seen the Titanium collection?)
Hillary Read, Marketing Manager

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