This is the subhead for the blog post

A bit busy these days so unfortunately this will have to be a truncated message (apologies to all of you who are constantly asking me to write even longer posts!)

I did want to comment on three things I heard about today. As follows:

1. Google inadvertently Reporting a Decline in AdSense Revenue

As reported in the Wall Street Journal today, Google says AdSense margins “will be squeezed in 2006 and beyond.” Loyal readers of this blog will not be surprised by this announcement. Unloyal readers (you will be dealt with accordingly) should read my post – written over a month ago – on the fall of AdSense.

2. Blinx Unleashes Cool Toolbar

Today Blinx announced the release of Pico, which is described in the press release: “As you work, Pico reads your active screen, infers the meaning of what you’re looking at based on context, and then dynamically retrieves relevant information from across the Web, including next-generation Web content, such as blogs and rich media.” It’s like a toolbar with a semantic algorithm, basically. There are also “Smart Folders” which is basically a personalization/My Yahoo functionality. I haven’t downloaded this yet, but to me it sounds like real competition for the static Yahoo and Google toolbars!

3. Big Technology News Secret

I just got word of some news that will become public on Thursday about a change in search technology. I can’t say anymore than that at this time, but I suspect that the search techies amongst the blogger/WebMasterWorld community will have field day with it (with most reacting negatively). I wish I could say more!

That’s all for now. Keep reading and make sure to never show up to parties looking like this.