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Everyone knows that the holidays can be stressful on us, so here are a few quick tips to make sure your search marketing efforts are effective.

1)     Place similar importance on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday efforts.

Everyone knows how crazy stores can be on Black Friday: there are people camping in line, pushing each other over, snatching those “door buster” items from another person’s hands, and it keeps getting earlier and earlier as the biggest retail giants actually start it on Thanksgiving night. Well, you can’t forget about Cyber Monday, which has become a huge day of online sales and deals, as a lot of the technically savvy consumers avoid the long checkout lines and wait to do their holiday shopping then.  So when you are making new ad copy for these huge retail dates for your clients’ search campaigns, make sure you have ones specific to each.

2)     Make sure the audience you are targeting is served the right holiday ad copy.

Holiday season is packed with many religious and spiritual days that search marketers have to be prepared for.  The use of SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) is your first step to doing this.  This way, when a consumer enters a holiday-related search query, your ads will be specific to that query as it’s a keyword that you are bidding on.  Having the relevant holiday tied into your ad copy will really help bring the targeted audience your way.

3)     Make use of Ad Scheduling.

Nobody wants to be glued to their computer during the holidays! AdWords has a great tool called ad scheduling; it lets you specify certain hours and/or days of the week for your ads to serve.  You can also set bid adjustments to increase or decrease the bids for specific hours or days (more info here).

I hope these tips help you during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Happy Holidays!!!