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Hopefully some of you have been following my series, The World According to AdWords. I’ve tackled gadgets and social networking sites thus far; I thought I’d go for a change this time around and look back to the good old days of college. Let me know if you agree with my 95-characters-or-less thoughts on some college majors:

Majored In Sociology?
Like Most of College, It Seemed
Like A Good Idea At The Time.


Philosophy Degree A Must
Is a Line You Rarely To Never See
In An Employer’s Want Ad.


Physics Major
Perfect For Anyone Who Always Wants
To Be Left Alone At Parties.


The Kinesiology Major
For Those Who Aspire To Count
9 Year-Olds’ Laps Around A Track.


Why Major In English?
Don’t You Already Speak It?  Do
You Find Shakespeare Very Useful?


Criminal Justice
Aspire to Enforce The Law, Then Get
Your 19 Year-Old Self Super Drunk.


Classical Studies
Because Learning Languages No One
Speaks Seems Incredibly Practical.


Any majors you would have added? Hit me up with “ad copy.” And suggestions for future editions of the series are welcomed as always!

Jaime Sikora, Production Manager