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For those who don’t know, Google has some very specific metrics for its ad copy: a 25-character limit for the headline, then 35 characters for each of the two description lines. It gets a little complicated at times – squeezing in all the necessary information and the unique selling point into a cohesive, grammatically correct ad, ALL in fewer than 95 characters. Let me tell you, two spaces behind a period are a thing of my past. I’ve learned some quick basic substitutions – “&” for “and”; “–” instead of “or”; a numeral instead of the number spelled out….

Anyhow. After writing 100s upon 100s of these lovely ads in one sitting (ad customization, as we call it), sometimes my brain goes on autopilot and I subconsciously write Google ads for everything I see.

So, naturally, I thought I’d share some with you. Part 1 of my “If Google Ads Ran the World” series: social networking sites!

My personal favorite, Facebook:

Facebook AdWords Google Plus:

Semi-newcomer, Pinterest:

Pinterest AdWords


Twitter (while you’re at it, don’t forget to retweet me):

Twitter AdWords

And finally, Myspace.  I felt bad for them. I couldn’t leave them out. They are already the kid in the corner eating lunch alone.

MySpace AdWords


Part 2 coming soon! (Suggestions welcomed.)

Jaime Sikora, Production Manager