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The Shortcut You Shouldn't Use for High CTR on Facebook

Published: September 10, 2013

Author: Dennis Yu

See this ad from Intuit?

Intuit Ad

The button is what drives the CTR, but is against the Facebook Ads TOS. Same is true with fake play buttons, scroll bars, and other non-functioning buttons.
Odds are that this ad will get disapproved eventually. Too many denials and you get a warning, then you’re banned. Not worth it, my friends.
Facebook has what’s called a “progressive whitelisting” process where they approve your ads faster and faster based on accumulated good behavior. So it doesn’t mean you bypass humans completely– that would be a full whitelist.
Bulk submit too many disapproved ads from your favorite tool and you could hurt your account, too. So make sure you or your team members aren’t doing this.
Back in late 2007, I ran an ad network that spammed the crap out of Facebook. We created ad units that looked like they were Facebook messages. They had your friends’ info in them, names, cities they lived in, and so forth.
The CTRs on these ad units were easily 50-100X better than traditional AdSense. And it was years ahead of Facebook launching their own version, which is now called a sponsored story.
But that was when it was our inventory– run inside apps. Today, you’re dealing with Facebook’s inventory, governed by their rules. These are good rules. The higher CTR you’ll drive will come not from gimmicks like Intuit’s trick, but from better personalization on your targeting choices.
Incidentally, if you want to see a whole bunch of ads at once, go to the ad board at https://www.facebook.com/ads/adboard.


Of course, it shows ads personalized to just you– not representative of Facebook. You’d have to change the profile details of your profile or those that you control.

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