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“Whether you’re a serial offender with over a dozen suspended AdWords accounts, or you’re a brand-new advertiser that got banned simply because you didn’t know what you were doing wrong…

we can help.”

Suspicious? I was. But the folks at PPC Renegade (appropriately named) want you to believe that they have secret connections inside Google that will cure all of your Quality Score ills.

So I watched both videos on their site. The best part comes in video #2 (page 2) at exactly 8 minutes into the video. According to the presenter, the first rule of avoiding a Quality Score slap is to not upload a lot of keywords. There is probably some merit to this claim. For example, if you uploaded 20,000 keywords to a new account, that might raise some flags. But here’s what he said in the video:

Presenter: Do not upload massive keyword campaigns, a bunch of them

Audience: What’s a bunch in your mind?

Presenter: A bunch is anything, I don’t know, anything over 100 keywords.That gets their attention, they’ll come in, they’ll manually review you.

This is chutzpah times two. First, this company is claiming that they have some super-powerful inside connections inside Google that will allegedly get virtually any site that has been slapped back on to Google – trust me, they don’t and they can’t. Second, the guy speaking obviously has no idea whatsoever about how AdWords works. 100 keywords is a massive account that will get you manually reviewed by Google? Wow, just wow.

Here’s the link to this wonderful AdWords scam.