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The Great Big Glossary of Ad Copy Wisdom

Published: July 15, 2013

Author: Katie Walton

Do you need some inspiration for your PPC ads – stat? Browse this mega list of links on ad copy to help you write killer ads.


PPC 101 Writing Successful Creatives by Frank Watson
A Beginners Checklist for Writing Benefit-Focused Ad Texts by Pete @ PPC Hero
PPC Basics: Part 5. Ad Copy Development and Testing by Melissa Mackey

Lists of Ad Copy Ideas

What to Test When Testing PPC Ad Copy by Brittany Baeslack
Top 20 Ad Copy Tests for Improved PPC Performance by Kayla Kurtz
An Endless Supply Of Adwords Ads For Your Split-Test Experiments by Chris on Certified Knowledge
Read This Now! – A Look at Effective Calls to Action by Kayla Kurtz
5 Ideas for A/B Testing Your PPC Ad Text by Amber Speer
Ad Testing for 2013 – Plan Now for MONTHS! by Kayla Kurtz

Ad Copy Explained in Infographics

26 Ideas For Split Testing Your PPC Ads by Luke Alley
Split Testing Ideas for PPC Advertising by Elisa Gabbert
The Anatomy of the Perfect PPC Ad by Oli Gardner

Specific Ad Copy Tactics

Is less more when it comes to your google ad copy? by Peter Gould
Ad Text Display URL – What to Test by David Greenbaum
Google Changes Ad Display Rules & Creates a New Testing Opportunity by Brad Geddes
7 Secrets for Writing Killer PPC Ad Headlines by Anna Sawyer
Google’s New Ad Extensions – Creating more interactive and actionable promotions by Neha Sharma
9 Things You Might Not Know about DKI by Mike Nelson
Google AdWords Ad Extensions Cheat Sheet by Erin Sagin
Using Symbols in Ad Copy can have Dramatic Effects on CTR by Brad Geddes
Using Proper Call-to-Action in PPC Ads by Stephen Kapusta
The Secret Formula for Writing Mesmerizing Headlines by Sherice Jacob

Tips & Tricks

PPC Secrets: Writing Successful Ads by Katie Saxon
Three best practice tips for integrating paid search with offline campaigns by Ryan Sommer
Writing Successful PPC Ad Copy – Building from Account Structure & Beyond by Kayla Kurtz
Need Ideas? Let the Competition Give You a Hand! by Joe @ PPC Hero
Stand out with Animal Style ad copy by Bradley Zeller
How to Attract – and Detract – with Good Ad Copy by Andrew Lolk
Make your ad copy characters count by Julie Vera
Best practices for product-specific ad customization by Dan Hilbert
5 More Ways to Improve CTR by Dave Davis
Don’t Ignore Best Practices by Rob Lenderman
Don’t Neglect the Obvious by Rob Lenderman
Make It Look Easy, Make It Seem Automatic by Rob Lenderman
How Would You Write the Perfect PPC Advert? featuring 12 PPC experts on the Koozai blog.
The 4 Keys to Writing a Paid Search Masterpiece by Jeremy Hull
How to Write Great PPC Ad Copy by Ashley Stuart
Financial Services PPC Ad Copy Breakdown [Study] by John Gagnon
Secret Truth Series #17: Lament Of The Text Ad Copywriter by ClickEquations
Killer PPC Ads: The Fundamentals by Lisa Raehsler
Ad Copy: The Best Friend You Haven’t Called Lately by Elizabeth Marsten
Small Business PPC – Writing Ad Copy by Robert Brady

Psychology & User Behaviour Tips

Four Basic Human Emotions to Sell Anything by David Rodnitzky
Finalist: Optimizing and Targeting for User Behavior by Jeremy Estes
Tailor Your Ad Copy To Buy Cycle Stages by Mona Elesseily
M-m-m-my Persona – Develop the Knack for Paid Search Persona Analyses by Megan Ginecki

For the Holidays

10 interesting examples of PPC creative for Father’s Day by Ben Davis
Which Online Flower Store’s PPC Ad Won Mother’s Day 2013? By Noran El-Shinnawy
All I Want For Christmas Is For My Ads To Show! By Felicia Coover
Santa Has Left the Building: SEM Best Practices for the Post-Holiday Shopping Season by Tina Kelleher
Capture Last-Minute Intent this Valentine’s Day! By Nefer Lopez
If you think I’ve missed any must-read posts, let me know in the comments!

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