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The quarterfinal round of the Most Influential SEM Tournament ended with a staggering flurry of votes to determine our illustrious Final Four:

– @bgtheory, who landed a start-to-finish victory over Kenshoo’s @aarongoldman

– Searchforce’s Dhiren D’Souza, who overcame a spirited campaign to edge RKG’s @georgemichie1

– @joekerschbaum, a come-from-behind winner over Acquisio stalwart @marcpoirier

– SearchEngineLand’s @mattmcgee, who triumphed in a nail-biter over @lieblink

Voting for the semifinals runs through noon PT on Wednesday! Here are your powerhouse matchups:

– @bgtheory vs. Dhiren D’Souza

– @joekerschbaum vs. @mattmcgee

As always: vote early, vote daily, tweet often. Congrats to our Final Four — and the voters who love them!

Hillary Read, Marketing Manager