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I was perusing some affiliate networks today when I came upon an interesting lead gen opportunity – a $9.50 payout for contributions to the Democratic National Committee. Have a liberal political blog? Post an affiliate link to the DNC and help your cause and your checkbook!

It seems like a brilliant idea to me. Though I am sure that there are many zealous democrats out there that will post a donation link regardless of whether they are getting a commission on every contribution, a $10 payout may be just what the DNC needs to motivate the vastly greater number of apathetic supporters who need that extra nudge. Besides, if you had to choose between a “get a free iPod” banner and a “help save America from nine Scalias on the Supreme Court” banner, which would you choose?

In 2004, the focus of tech bloggers was whether the candidates even had a Web presence at all. Today, we take it for granted that a large percentage of donations and campaigning takes place online. And we know that the campaigns are already spending on AdWords, banner networks, and political Web sites. But it takes an extra level of Internet acumen to create a lead gen offer for donations.

By the way . . . um . . . if you do happen to feel like making a contribution to the DNC . . . use this link here!