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The Benefits of Breaks

Published: September 8, 2017

Author: Jessica Leal

Here at 3Q Digital we are fortunate enough to have flexible hours and unlimited PTO, allowing us the freedom to not only schedule doctors’ appointments or pick up our kids during the work day, but to take a ten-minute coffee break, an hour for lunch, or a few days’ vacation. The problem is that not enough of us are taking advantage of these perks, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and the increased risk of a multitude of diseases – all of which could be cured by something as simple as a breath of fresh air.

Feeling disgruntled? Take a load off.

In a world where #livingyourbestlife is peppered throughout our social media feeds and the lifestyle/fitness/nutrition blogosphere is abundant with happiness and health tips, we still seem to spend 40+ hours a week hunched over our desks, soaking up nothing but the fluorescent lights above. I believe we need to instill a little more of the you only live once mentality into our everyday work ethic. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how are we expected to take care of others? (In this case, our clients.)
It’s easy. Block out 15 minutes on your calendar (make it a reoccurring event if you’re feeling adventurous), and step outside. Take a deep breath. And another. Put on your favorite music or perhaps a meditation podcast like this one. Concentrate on yourself for just 15 minutes (the world will not explode if a question goes unanswered, I guarantee it)! If you can’t make it outside, take a lap or two around your office. Stretch at your desk. Grab lunch or a coffee with a friend (sans phone), and allow yourself an actual lunch/coffee break.
Disconnecting for a few minutes every day allows you and your brain to recharge. If you are constantly on the go and juggling multiple projects at once, running on empty will eventually take its toll. Taking some time for yourself – even for a few minutes – will decrease stress, increase the quality of your work and sustain your emotional (and physical) well-being.

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