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The Basics of Irresistible Remarketing Ads

Published: September 12, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Francesca StaAna of AdMedia, an ad network that connects advertisers to consumers through ad retargeting, affiliate programs, PPC, and more.
Remarketing ads have always been advertiser favorites mainly because they get high CTRs and often get results. Since these ads target users who have already expressed interest in a particular product or service, the chances of conversion are considerably higher. In fact, advertisers like retargeting so much that according to Emarketer, “more than half (55%) of US marketers said retargeting was one of the most important forms of targeting.”
Of course, as effective as remarketing is, you shouldn’t rely on its technology alone. There are still a number of things that you can do with your ads to boost your campaigns. Consider the following basic tips and see how you can implement them in your own remarketing ads:
1. Include Deals – Entice customers to return to your website by offering deals. Sometimes, the only thing that’s stopping people from completing a purchase is their budget, so if they see that the website that they just visited is suddenly having a sale, there’s a good chance that they’ll come back.remarketing ad deals
If it makes sense for your business, throw in a nice discount or perk in your remarketing ads to get window shoppers to complete a purchase.
Things such as free gifts, free shipping, or BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1) deals also work when it comes to persuading on-the-fence consumers to return to your site, so be creative and generous with your offers within the constraints of your business model.
2. Showcase the Specific Products That People Looked At – Get users’ attention by giving them ads that were specifically made for them. Use your retargeting ads to show people the exact items that they were looking at. This is a great way to remind them to go back to your website and complete their purchase.
Nordstrom does a great job with this particular tactic. When I was shopping for a dress to wear at a white-themed party I was attending, I visited Nordstrom’s website and looked around but left without buying anything. I was unsure, so I decided to think about it, and left to visit my favorite blogs and news sites.

remarketing product ads

Lo and behold, as I was reading the reading an article on another site, I saw a Nordstrom ad featuring the exact dresses that I was looking at earlier. It worked. That afternoon, I drove to my neighborhood Nordstrom branch and tried on the dresses. (Attribution of offline conversions to online ads – that’s a story for another post.)
3. Use a Variety of Ad Sizes – Not all ad types and sizes work for every website, so be sure to include a number of ads that come in different shapes and sizes. People will get tired of seeing your ad in the exact same spot on a webpage over and over again, so adding variety in terms of sizes and shapes will allow you to display your ads in other parts of the page, thus busting the monotony of your remarketing campaign.
different ad shapes
different remarketing shapes
4. Use a Variety of Designs – Giving users a sense of familiarity towards your business is great and all, but don’t go overboard. Aside from using several ad shapes and sizes, it’s best to display various ad designs as well. This prevents ad fatigue and allows your customers to see different sides of your business.
Plus, if a certain design doesn’t persuade customers to return to your website, giving them a different ad might get them to come back.
motorola remarketingmotorola remarketing ads
Which basic tips would you add for starting effective remarketing campaigns?
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