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Looking for a quick, killer way to increase the fans on Facebook? Increase your fan base through connection targeted ads and page like sponsored stories.

How do these work?

A connection targeted ad: has copy and a selected image, but since it’s targeted to connections, a specific friend’s name will be mentioned in the ad, as in “Lisa Raehsler likes your page.”

connection-targeted ad

Page like sponsored ads: promote messages from a user’s friends who have engaged your business. They’re automatically generated, so there is no specific image or copy to be written.

page like ad

Both ads will be only promoted to people who are not connected to your page but whose friends are connected to your page. This enables a tight social endorsement for your ad and increased response rates. The precise audience is better explained via the Facebook illustration below, where “their friends” is the audience we are targeting:

facebook ad audience

So how do you put these ads in play?

Step 1: Get your image ready to upload before starting the process. Make sure it’s clear, focused, sized appropriately, and attention-getting. You’ll need to have an image that is 100 px wide by 72 px high.

Step 2: Select the Facebook page you want to promote and note that your goal is to get more “likes.” Enter your compelling ad copy, then upload the image (because you are ready from step 1).

fb ads step 2

Step 3: Make sure the “sponsored story” is selected. You can see the ad writes itself, so you can quickly move to the next step.

facebook ads process

Step 4: Choose your audience. Select any general targeting here you think will help, but don’t narrow it too much. The key here is to let the connection targeting capture the attention of friends of fans and entice them to “like” you.

facebook ads step

Step 5: Set campaigns, schedule, and pricing to round out the implementation.

That’s it. Quick-easy-simple. Check results in a few days and determine if you want to optimize or add additional ad copy or images or make changes to bids and budgets that may help to expand visibility and reach.

Now you’ve got more than enough time to get started on another platform. Which one will you try first?

– Lisa Raehsler