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Our very own Susan Waldes asked Google Santa for myriad gifts and treats this year, and while a little on the late side, Google Santa delivered at least one! From the wish list post:

We’ll remind you that unlike some, we did not freak about the sunset of the free shopping results. As seasoned SEMs, we understand that we want control over these things; we’ll pay for it if we get the ability to tune it for our clients. Just a few teeny weeny requests that would make Google Shopping even better: a. Impression share reports

Stop right there…Google has delivered exactly that! shock Look to the far right of the screenshot below, pulled from one of our accounts this week:

Shopping_IS_SS If you’re not running Google Shopping campaigns yet, you shouldn’t have long to wait. According to Google, Shopping campaigns will be fully available to all advertisers by early 2014. And if you’re already running, this last competitive metric should be welcome news.