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Good creative makes a Facebook ad; you’ve doubtless seen dozens of blog posts about messaging, imagery, color scheme, etc. That’s all well and good, but you need the right targeting and sensible bidding strategies to get those ads seen by the right people.


In this post, we’ll break down best practices and tips for different targeting types and bidding types, then talk about A/B testing tactics that work to ensure you’re pushing the right ads.

Let’s jump in.


Targeting Best Practices

Lookalike Audiences

            Sometimes, the first lookalike audience you create won’t work. Be sure to try a few seed audiences to get the best lookalike audience. We recommend:

1. Current customers, Anyone who has converted from Facebook; top LTV customers.

2. Create separate audiences for scope. Start at the 1% and 2% and always exclude the layer below.

Website Custom Audience (WCA)

1. Place the pixel as soon as you get access to the account. If WCA isn’t (for some reason) on the roadmap, do it anyway.

2. You can target based on all site visitors or specific pages.

3. Lookalike audiences can be made off of your WCA.

Interest Targeting

1. Only users who engage with the Page you are targeting will see an ad.

2. Interest targeting audiences tend to have a higher CPA than lookalike and WCA.

3. Interest targeting works well when layered with a larger lookalike audience.

4. Competitor targeting can be strong.


Bidding Types


Closer look at oCPM:



Setting up an A/B test



Advance Testing: A/B custom segments


The A/B Custom Segments are ad targeting layers that ensure no user overlap. They allow for lightweight experimentation within your current create flow.



Pairing these best practices with some killer creative will keep you on pace to be an excellent Facebook marketer.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.