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You may be a Google Qualified Individual or a Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador, but how do you score on the Blogation Search Engine Marketing Test?

Here’s the test, keep track of your score and scroll to the bottom to see your ranking!

1 Point Each If:

  • You use keyword matching
  • You use search engine-level tracking URLs
  • You have campaigns on at least three search engines (Yahoo, Google, and someone else)
  • You adjust bids manually
  • You have heard of the term “RPC”
  • Your favorite online marketing resource is ClickZ
  • You have heard the term “SEO”

2 Points Each If:

  • You have web analytics
  • You use keyword-level tracking URLs
  • You have campaigns on at least four search engines
  • At least 20% of your revenue comes from content networks
  • You use a 3rd party bid management algorithm (ex. Efficient Frontier)
  • You actually know what “RPC” means
  • Your favorite online marketing resource is MarketingSherpa
  • You have actually tried SEO

Three Points Each If:

  • You adjust bids based on day parting
  • You use behavioral targeting for keyword selection and/or bid adjustment
  • You do frequent log file analysis
  • You have web analytics integrated with your bid management software
  • You have API Integration with Google, Yahoo, or both
  • You have developed a proprietary bid management algorithm
  • You have used multivariate testing on either landing pages or ad copy
  • You can calculate “RPC” in your sleep
  • Your favorite online marketing resource is WebMasterWorld
  • You have an integrated SEO-SEM strategy

Total Possible Score: 47

40-47: You are a search engine marketing expert! I am honored that you have graced my blog with your presence.

30-39: Not too shabby. You are well-ahead of most SEMers out there and you’re within reach of being a SEM superstar!

20-29: Better than a novice, but if you want to play in the big leagues, you need to step up your game a bit.

Less Than 20: Are you sure you are on the right blog? Perhaps you were looking for People Online?

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