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2492235_e854738c Trying to put together an effective Facebook account structure is hard enough. Throw a ton of different products with various pricing into the mix, and you’ve got a nightmare on your hands. Luckily, we’ve figured out a strategy that works great!

We took products from a client’s website and ran them to their retargeting group. If performance was strong, we ran the product to lookalike audience. We increased spend as quickly as possible. Each product had its own campaign and targeting in the ad set level.

Prior to this approach, we set up campaigns by objective (website conversions, for example), then set targeting (lookalike, for example) at the ad set level, and then all the products competed against each other in the same ad set. Our new layout made it possible to control which products were being sent out. If a product has a higher revenue, we can show that ad and have a higher CPA.

This is 100% how I recommend structuring accounts that have  multiple products of differing values. With one client, overall account budget has doubled, CPAs decreased 29%, spend increased 15%, CTRs increased 26%, and we saw a 28% lower CPC. Not results to be taken lightly.

Have you tried a similar tactic? Let us know in the comments.