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More and more, launching a website in multiple countries is becoming a stark reality for companies.  But how do you effectively reach customers across multiple cultures?  The following steps will help you get started as you plan, create, and market your website.

-Perform keyword research for each country-targeted site, taking into account any alternatively spelled and alternatively misspelled keywords in other languages. (i.e. Consider various keyboard layouts as that will affect how words are misspelled.)

-Go beyond simply translating your content and research each targeted country to find the appropriate localization and transcreation adaptations you’ll need to make. This may include landing page images, as some photos do not translate across multiple cultures.

-Consider developing a microsite that you can use as a general template for other countries.

-Build greater trust with potential customers by hosting your website in each targeted country.

-Mobile is important regardless of the country, but keep in mind it’s especially big in developing countries.

-Curate existing assets to build content.

-Create topical themes, adjusting your site with emotional storytelling and local information relevant to each country.

-Brainstorm content ideas to launch in each country. For example, Q&As and forums are extremely popular in some countries (but not all!).

-Use Real-Time Bidding (RTB) trading desk technologies. (RTB is especially big in Europe.)

-Take a holistic look at how your site is performing with user-centric analytics. Webtrekk’s platform is an excellent tool.

Tackling a website launch in multiple countries might appear overwhelming at first, but these tips will jumpstart your project and put you on the path towards a successful launch.