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ABM has been the latest craze and buzz in the B2B ad industry; LinkedIn has taken notice and is stepping up their game. To bring you up to speed, here’s the lowdown on how advertisers can take advantage by using LinkedIn’s ABM targeting options and new data insights.

Target options

Advertisers can provide LinkedIn with their prospects’ email addresses to directly match and target these users back within LinkedIn. Pro tip: segment your audiences by industry prior to uploading, and if you can, further segment this audience to match services to a tailored messaging and content strategy.

Another option is for advertisers to upload a list of target companies to LinkedIn to match against users that work at these companies. In addition to the segmenting pro tip above, when setting these campaigns up within LinkedIn, advertisers should layer on seniority and/or job title functions to ensure they are reaching the decision makers at these companies to drive a stronger qualified lead conversion rate.

Data insights

While these ABM targeting options rolled out through the year, LinkedIn just rolled out advanced demographic data insights that go into detail with each company performance and more. This can be an exported report and also shown within the UI.

The insights LinkedIn shares on each of these demographic breakdowns includes impressions, clicks, and conversion. These data insights rolled out roughly a week ago and as mentioned, they can be exported in Excel as well.

Company-level data

All demographic data pivots

Job title data

Take these insights and targeting options out for a ride; as always, we recommend setting aside a test budget, measuring performance, and evaluating how the initiative fits into your overall strategy. Good luck!