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Stay on top of company news effortlessly

Published: February 3, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

Need a quick and easy way to stay on top of news and trends for your clients?

The Google Alerts tool is an important resource to keep up with news and information specific to a company or industry. Wouldn’t it be impressive to a client if you were to find out about news relating to their company before they did – or if you caught issues that preemptively saved spend on bad clicks? (We’ll talk about that in a second.)
In addition to being informed about company-specific news, Google Alerts can also provide insight on trending topics relating to your company’s industry. This can play a big part in optimization efforts and popular topics discussed industrywide – especially since, as we know, digital marketing changes by the hour.
Google Alerts also provides value by being able to see what other people are saying about a specific product or service and can help explain jumps in performance. For example, an increase in clicks could be from a recent article published on a major news site like the NY Times that happened to mention your company.
As you can see, Alerts are something that can really help you “Wow” your clients and show them that you are going the extra mile to make their online marketing efforts as profitable as possible.
Here’s how to set up a Google Alert:

 1. Navigate to http://www.google.com/alerts

Google alerts

2. Type in the desired Search Query relating to your company or industry

3. Fill in the type of news you would like to receive, frequency, type of results, and delivery type.
4. Click ‘Create Alert’
Let’s say your client is a basketball team by the name of the Mavericks. There was recently a surfing competition in Northern California at a location called Mavericks. The ‘Mavericks’ search term had over 200,000+ searches on Friday, January 24 according to Google Trends. News relating to the ‘Mavericks’ search term from Google Alerts would have notified you by email or to your dashboard and proactive measures would be taken to pause out Keywords that would generate unwanted impresions, clicks, and spend.
Are you currently using Google Alerts to stay on top of company/industry news? Leave a comment below!

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