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Facebook consistently changes and adapts the News Feed algorithm (unofficially called EdgeRank). Recently, many Page Admins were leveraging Status Updates because of their unusually high Organic Reach (as compared to other content types). On Jan 21st, Facebook significantly reduced this exposure as they cut down Organic Reach of Status Updates by ~40%.

The change was nearly immediate and was experienced by just about all Pages. In a brief blog post, Facebook explained that while people’s Status Updates tended to perform strongly, Page’s Status Updates did not. Therefore, Facebook was going to reduce their visibility.

The ~40% decrease was measured after this change was impacted and can be clearly seen here:

Content Type Reach

After this change, Videos are now the typically best-performing content type. This is interesting, especially considering how few Videos tend to be posted (compared to Links, Photos, and Status Updates). This increase may have something to do with Facebook’s latest push at video marketing in the News Feed.

We tend to see Organic Reach slowly decrease over time due to hyper-competitiveness in the News Feed. This is happening with both Pages and people. Facebook has a finite space to deliver objects in the News Feed; the brands that understand this and are able to be truly engaging are the ones still doing well.

What Can You Do?

Facebook rewards brands that are able to drive engagement. To stay ahead of Facebook’s changes, continue to focus on optimizing engagement. Facebook will continue to tweak emphasis on different aspects of the platform, but driving engagement is always the most important aspect. Brands also often complain about decreased Reach, but it’s important to focus on your goals as brand. If you’re trying to drive sales, keep an eye on what content drives the most sales. Things like Reach will continue to change and evolve over time. Good luck!