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Social Video Advertising Do’s and Don’ts (Inspired by Facebook’s Q4 Earnings)

Published: February 24, 2016

Author: Jennifer Madison

Didn’t get a chance to delve into Facebook’s Q4 earnings report? Not to worry! We’ll catch you up on what was arguably the biggest highlight – video.
Users and marketers alike love video. It’s an entertaining format that captivates attention and boosts recall. It’s also a massive area of growth. In fact, during the earnings call, Facebook revealed that 100 million hours of video are watched on the social network each day.
Facebook is investing considerably in video by testing new ideas like suggested videos, adding video to Facebook Lite, and exploring a dedicated place for video viewing. Same goes for Instagram, where the company launched a new video-looping app called Boomerang and created a video channel to showcase key moments from big events.
Given the shift in consumer behavior and Facebook’s investment, it seems only logical that advertisers should boost their efforts in this area as well. But how? Here are some do’s and don’ts, inspired by Q4 earnings call remarks from Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.
DON’T be intimidated by video. You don’t need to have the biggest brand or budget to make an impact with video ads. In fact, SMBs have uploaded 1.5 million videos (paid and organic) in the past month. Simple videos showcasing customer stories, demonstrating how your product works, or highlighting behind-the-scenes content can perform well without costing a fortune to produce.
DON’T forget about Instagram. According to Sheryl Sandberg, 98 of Facebook’s top 100 advertisers are now advertising on Instagram as well. Use Instagram video ads to extend your reach and provide a visually immersive experience that celebrates your brand’s look and feel.
DO experiment with different formats. “You can do short form with sound off, you can do longer form with sound on, and everything in between,” said Sandberg. Advertisers are still figuring out what works best, and the possibilities are endless, so keep creating and testing!
DO make it mobile-friendly. In December, 1.44 billion people accessed Facebook on mobile devices. Ensure a positive mobile viewing experience by keeping your video brief, using large and simple text, and following Facebook’s size and aspect recommendations.
DO capture attention in the first 3 seconds. Facebook videos start playing automatically and without sound, so it’s important to catch user interest right away. Sandberg shared an example of videos designed for the launch of Halo 5. By creating content that immediately captured attention, even without sound, the brand increased purchase intent by 10 points in the US.
DO use video in a sequential campaign. For maximum impact, incorporate video ads into a larger sequential or remarketing strategy. DS Automobiles recently did this to promote the launch of their fifth-generation model car. First, they ran video ads showcasing a pre-launch teaser. Second, they retargeted the audience that watched the teaser, and promoted a link to their livestream event. Finally, they ran a third round of ads to promote a video replay of the launch, and to reinforce brand awareness. Learn more about their video advertising strategy here.
For more insights or ideas, read the full earnings call transcript or check out Marin Software’s latest white paper on The State of Facebook Advertising

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