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With over 60 million daily users, many clients are getting interested in Snapchat ads. The demographic is slightly younger than other social channels, so it’s a great way to expand your social efforts.

Below are some simple set up guidelines to get you started. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information; these are the basics for getting started on Snapchat from scratch. One thing you may need to do if you haven’t already is create your own personal Snapchat. Not only is this the only way for clients to connect you to their account, but it’s also a great way to poke around the app and get familiar.

Setting Up a Business and Ad Account

If you are on the agency side, you will most likely want your client to own the account, while you handle advertising on their behalf. Good news is you can do this when set-up is done properly. Feel free to copy and paste the below to send to your client with all the links needed to get you started.

1. Have the client create a business manager

a. Establish the business

b. Add billing information

2. Have the client create an ad account

a. Click the  icon in the top left corner of Business Manager

b. Go to the ‘Ad Accounts’ view

c. Click ‘New Ad Account’ in the top right hand corner.

d. Fill out your ad account information

The client then needs to connect users to the to the business manager AND ad account *Please note that all invited members can ONLY be invited through personal Snapchat names so we recommend creating a shared agency login. 

a. Adding members to a business:

i. Click the  icon in the top left corner of Business Manager

ii. Go to the ‘Members’ view

iii. Select ‘Invite New Member’ in the top right hand corner

b. Adding members to an ad account:

i. Click the  icon in the top left corner of Business Manager

ii. Go to the ‘Members’ view

iii. Select the name of the member you would like to add to an ad account

iv. At the bottom of the screen, under ‘Assets,’ click ‘Add Asset’

v. Click the name of the ad account(s) you would like to add that member to and assign them a role

vi. Click ‘Save’

Creative and Audience Suggestions

Now that the account is set up, it’s time to start gathering audiences and creatives. Below are some suggestions on what to initially launch with (this is also a great cheat sheet to send to your clients).

1. Audience suggestion: start with broad targeting then work your way down the funnel

a. Sample: use reach or balance lookalike audiences

2. Audience options:

a. Lookalike targeting (great option if you already know that lookalikes work for other social channels)

i. Need a seed list of 5,000 – 10,000

– Would suggest to go upwards of 10,000 since match rate is lower on Snapchat

ii. Email OR mobile advertising IDs (not both)

iii. .csv or .txt

b. Interest targeting

i. There are multiple categories you can target on Snapchat including:

– Snap Lifestyle Categories

– DLX Shoppers

– PlaceIQ

– comScore TV & Film Viewers

ii. Full list of options can be found here

3. Creative suggestions: launch with at least 2 creatives per ad set to start

a. Use a short video (3-7 seconds) to show your product or service right away

b. Use a GIF-like video for a more playful tone

c. Use an “image” (which is essentially a 3 second video that doesn’t change) to make a single statement

4. Creative Options:

a. First, you will need to choose your objective for the campaigns

i. Web view guidelines

ii. App install guidelines

iii. Long form video guidelines (essentially like a video view campaign)

b. Most importantly, make sure creatives follow Snapchat specifications

i. They have very specific rules, so be sure to watch out for the restrictions!

Conversion Tracking

As of right now, there is no conversion tracking for web view campaigns. You will only receive Snap engagement metrics. A workaround to this would be to create a website specific for Snapchat ads and track conversions through another platform. The website loads within Snapchat so it is a seamless experience for the user.

However, you can implement a mobile partner for the mobile app install campaigns to track installs. You can find all the set-up guides here. Similar to the web view campaign, the app store will show up right within the Snapchat app.


Now you are armed with all the basic information you need to successfully set up a client on Snapchat. Check back in next month to see how our ads performed and what we have learned so far!