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How to Set Up Instagram Ads Through Facebook’s Power Editor

Published: December 3, 2015

Author: Franco Puetz

Instagram has become an incredibly popular social media application, and the visual immediacy it provides has proven an excellent resource for savvy advertisers. When Facebook began running ads, it revolutionized the way many businesses were able to reach their audiences, and now Instagram allows you to do the same.
Finally, thanks to Facebook’s Power Editor, it is now possible for businesses to implement and control Instagram ad campaigns quicker and more efficiently, in a way similar to Facebook ads. By following these easy steps, you can learn how to set up Instagram Ads through Facebook’s Power Editor.
Here is a stepwise guide to help you get started with Instagram ads using Facebook’s Power Editor. Fortunately, Brewsees Eyewear, an awesome company that creates stylish sunglasses with the power to open beer bottles and shot gun cans, let us use their ad account to demonstrate how simple setting up a powerful Instagram ad campaign can be.

Step 1: Connect Those Accounts

The first thing you need to do to launch Instagram ads through Facebook is to ensure your accounts are connected. Since Facebook now owns Instagram, integration between the two is quick and painless. In your Facebook Business Manager, click on “business settings,” which will give you an option to link your accounts.
Once you dig into your business settings, you’ll notice on the left-hand side of your page the option to click on “Instagram Accounts”:
After you’ve clicked through to this page, you will have the option to connect your Instagram account; you just need your username and password.
You should now have access to select your Instagram account in Facebook’s Power editor during the ad creation process!

Step 2: You Have the Power

Those already accustomed with Power Editor will need very little (or no) time to get started with Instagram ads. Those who are not accustomed with Facebook ads should explore Power Editor and get familiarized.
Head to the Power Editor and go to Manage Ads. You would get an option to Create Campaign. Choose a Campaign Name, select Auction when prompted for Buying Type, and pick an objective.
The Power Editor has been one of the most lauded upgrades of Facebook ads, and now you can easily launch Instagram ads the same way. It’s as simple as clicking on “create campaign” and filling out the necessary parameters. The key here is to select the right ad objective; as of now Instagram ads are supported by the following campaign objectives:

-Clicks to Website

-Mobile App Installs

-Video Views


Step 3: Build Your Audience

Before launching any ad campaign, know your budget and target audience inside and out. This will help you increase effectiveness without breaking the bank.
Instagram ads have the same Ad Set creation process as any other Facebook campaign. You’ll be determining your budget, ad schedule, target audience, and bid optimization.
When I am creating an Instagram campaign, I like to make the campaign use Instagram placements exclusively by making sure Instagram is the only placement selected.
This makes measuring the effectiveness of the platform a lot easier, since the stats displayed are only accounting for this platform, not mixing in any of Facebook’s other platform options. This also allows you the opportunity to make Instagram focused creative.
Pro tip: If you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website, you can create a retargeting audience to use in your Instagram campaign, which allows you to get in front of users who have been to your website on their mobile devices via Instagram.

Step 4: Understand the Creative

Businesses have the option to display image ads, video ads, and carousel ads on Instagram. This opens up a huge opportunity for testing to determine which style resonates best with your brand.
Please keep in mind that this is Instagram, and while images have always been important in Facebook advertising, you can assume this platform is even more picky when it comes to the media being used. Spend time making sure you are using quality images in your ads, and obey Facebook’s 20% rule (no more than 20% of the image can contain text) if you want to make sure your ads get approved.
If you are making multiple iterations, it is recommended that you upload your images via the Image Uploader in Power Editor to save yourself some time.
You will also have the option to select one of Facebook’s CTAs to be featured on your ad. It is best to select the option that is most in line with your campaign objective. If you select ‘No Button,’ your Instagram ads will default to the ‘Learn More’ button.
As with any campaign, testing is very important; try various copy and image combinations and measure your results to create better iterations. Be sure to preview your ads before setting them live to see what they will look like once everything is put together.

Step 5: Mind the Details

One of the keys to a successful social media ad campaign, whatever the platform, is to make sure you have detailed knowledge of your target audience, and you’re selecting the right targeted demographic. Facebook makes this process insanely easy by giving you so many options to select from. However, don’t think a full blast to everyone is the easiest way to get eyes on your product; getting the right eyes is way more important that getting the most eyes.
Instagram is still a very new platform in the ad game, so make sure you are constantly testing and iterating to determine what makes the most sense for your brand.
Is the platform right for everyone? Maybe not yet, but with so few advertisers dipping their toes in this new sand, the inventory is super-cheap and definitely worth testing out.
Feel free to share creative ways you are using Instagram advertising with your business, and as always, ask me more specific questions if you need any help getting things set up!

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