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Have you needed to use a standard event multiple times but worry about having duplicate counting in the Facebook UI? Facebook’s new Custom Conversions feature can avoid duplicate counting. Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1

Place the standard event on all thank-you pages you want to use to track a specific event:


Once you have placed the event on the pages you want, you should see the event show up as active on your pixel page.


Step 2

Find out all specific thank-you page URLs for each brand and then start creating custom conversions.


You can choose URL Contains, URL Equals, or event. We recommend choosing URL Equals and pasting the exact thank-you URL you want to track:


Next, you choose a category. Choose the category based on the standard event that was placed earlier.


Once you hit “next,” you’ll be directed to choose a name. Name it based on the specific page you are tracking because this will be how you see the conversions in reporting. You’ll know your conversion was successful when you see it tracking on the custom conversion page.


Step 3

Start tracking your conversions! In reporting columns, your conversion will show up under the name you labeled your custom conversion in the last step.


These new conversions are a game-changer for lead gen clients with different brands or services. More accurate reporting makes for better advertising!