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An SEO Wishlist for the Holidays

Published: December 21, 2015

Author: 3Q Digital

SEO is a constantly changing discipline. Our SEO team will (hopefully) get their feet up for the holidays soon and be dreaming of the following things to make their lives easier in 2016.
Director of SEO Colin Guidi:
The one thing I wish for, which seems to be an unanswered wish every year – is for Google to halt the monetization onslaught it’s putting forth on the organic SERPs. There will be [or ideally should be] a tipping point, of Google overdoing the amount of advertising real estate they’ve allowed brands to show within the SERPs. If your engine essentially becomes one giant advertorial of brands buying up search real estate, I undoubtedly expect the trust factor in your results to diminish.
One thing I’m also wishing for, is further insight into voice searches. OK Google, Siri, Apple Watch, etc – all present a much more fluid approach to searching via natural language. Something that both Hummingbird and RankBrain should deliver rather nicely on. To me, this is something that will come – it’s just a matter of when. What tools will begin to exist for finding industry wide usage metrics, as well as vertical specific usage? How will Google Analytics evolve to show this information?
Senior SEO Manager David Portney:

  1. Getting organic keyword data back in Google Analytics. Yes, I’m over (not provided) and went through the various stages of grief long ago and am firmly in the “acceptance stage”, but AdWords passes keyword data to advertisers so they can analyze campaigns on a keyword level… ’nuff said.
  2. Better communication from Google via Google Search Console: I’d like to see more clarity in communications, & more-actionable data provided with respect to when Google detects issues or sees areas for improvement.

SEO Account Manager Prateek Maitra:
With the proliferation of mobile, I would love to see Google Analytics begin to integrate voice search insights. Voice search is on the rise, particularly with younger users. From an attribution perspective voice search still leverages all elements of the organic channel. It would be very helpful to see voice search query data in Search Console, as well as the percent of search that Voice search makes up.
I would also like to see more schema markup options that help specific pages stand out based on the type of search (i.e. event times, recipes, etc). Ultimately, the way that listings differentiate themselves from one another influences CTR helping the page to rank incrementally better over time (we saw this with Google’s now discontinued authorship mark-up schema). This customization would help Google segment search by type of search in an even more granular way to reflect the myriad of ways that people search.
SEO Coordinator Annie Ye:
We currently know https contributes a tiny fraction to rankings, but it would be interesting to see an increased importance on security and encryption. With the rate that ecommerce grows and factoring the fight against spam, I think it’s on the horizon of the Search Giants to increase the role of security in search. Will the change come in 2016? Who knows; but I do think it will happen in the future.
SEO Account Coordinator Maty Rice:
I might sound like I’m beating a dead horse here but it sure would be ideal if (not provided) keyword data were easier to uncover.
What are you hoping for from SEO Santa? Let us know in the comments!

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